FCC 5 – Control panel for gas injection technology from 5 to 400 bar

FCC 5 control panel
FCC 5 control panel
Control module with proportional valve
Control module with proportional valve
Parameter setting
Parameter setting
Setpoint/actual monitoring
Setpoint/actual monitoring
Alarm settings
Alarm settings

The fifth generation of BAUER controllers makes operation exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive.

Thanks to optimised software, operation and technical possibilities have been decisively enhanced, with new features including process data back-up, remote diagnostics or customisation of the control mode to meet the requirements of the corresponding component.

The proportional valve can be installed separately from the control panel, e.g. directly on the die, in order to reduce the length of the hose and thus the amount of nitrogen consumed.

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  • Large 10.4" colour touch screen with intuitive menu guidance
  • 1 to 4 proportional valves
  • Number of pressure / time profiles with ramp function: 7, independent for each channel
  • Number of programs: 99
  • Cleaning cycle (manual or automatic)
  • Number of parts produced
  • Access protection: activation via password
  • Quality monitoring; process values (actual / setpoint comparison) as well as graphics-based display with alarms selected by user
  • Program and quality data saved on the internal CF card
  • Maintenance and alarm functions

Connection to the injection-moulding machine

  • Start signal: based on screw position or start of injection
  • EUROMAP 62 standard
Flushing module
Flushing module

To accelerate cooling and reduce cycle time.
Preparation for using the flushing module. Read more

Preparation for the "actuator control" option
Preparation for the "actuator control" option

Control of external hydraulic actuators
Preparation for the control of external hydraulic actuators (electrical connections, software).

Simultaneous use of the FCC 5 with 2 injection-moulding machines
Simultaneous use of the FCC 5 with 2 injection-moulding machines

FCC 5 – 2 injection-moulding machines
The FCC 5 supports the option of working with 2 injection-moulding machines at the same time.

Preparation for retrofitting channel 3 & 4
Preparation for retrofitting channel 3 & 4

Preparation for retrofitting
Preparation for retrofitting 2 additional proportional valves (a total of 4 proportional valves can be controlled).

Flow control VM I
Flow control VM I

Volume flow meter
Monitoring of nitrogen consumption and thus process stability and reproducibility. Read more

Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery, basic equipment

  • FCC5 control panel with 1, 2 or 4 proportional valves
  • Operating instructions complete with spare parts list, CE declaration of conformity

For more detailed information, see the technical data sheets and quotations.

Technical data for the control panel
Display: 10.4" colour touch screen
Control: PLC: programmable logic controller
Display of pressure values: Real-time display of numerical values and characteristic curves
Data storage: On internal CF card, external via USB (program data and process data)
Interface: Ethernet connection for e.g.: remote diagnostics via Internet
Cleaning cycle: Manual or automatic
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (L × W × H): 460 × 450 × 1300 mm
Weight: 62 kg (2 valves)
Technical data for the control module
Proportional valves: 1 to 2 per module; max. 2 modules
Type: High-pressure proportional valve
Max. input pressure: 400 bar
Precision: ± 1%
Pressure range: 5 to 400 bar
Control pressure range: 5 to 400 bar
Power supply: 24 V, 2.5 A min. per channel
Filter: 25 µm
Dimensions: 200 × 200 × 200 mm
Approx. weight: 12 kg (1 module)